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Did you know that tea started out as a food? That all teas have caffeine in them or that munks smuggled out tea from China?

Ther is alot to know about tea here is 10 Little known facts about tea

  1. Tea started out as a food and medicine. Tea did not start out as a drink but as a food and medicine. Even now tea is used in food in Southern China and the countries around there
  2. Tea means caffeine. All teas have caffeine in them, unless they have been de caffenated. But most herbal teas are caffine free.
  3. Monks smuggled out the tea. At first tea was only grown i China, and since the export of tea was big buisness, the export of tea seeds and tea plants were forbidden. But Japan wanted to be able to grow their own tea. So some munks smuggled out teaseeds in their Walking sticks and the Chinese tea monopoly was to an end.
  4. The teabush is a tea tree. The tea bush is not a bush at all but a tree. The tree is trimmed down to make harvest easyer but there is still some tea harvested from tree sized tea trees. Those kind of teas are considured extra luxurious
  5. Popular drink. Tea is a very popular drink, in fact the only drink that people is drinking more than tea around the World is water. Some drink more tea than others, in Britain for example, tea is one third of what people drink daily.
  6. Green tea first in the west. The first tea in Europe was not black tea, as you might think but green tea. Later black tea was more popular partly since it was harder to fake.
  7. Fake tea a thriving business. In the 19:th century Russia faked tea was a thriving business. Many other tea substitutes was popular in the 18:th and 19:th century too but none was as big business as the Russian 19:th century fake tea scam
  8. Red tea is not a tea at all. The herbal tea rooibos, often called "Red tea" in the west is not a tea at all but a herbal tea. If you ask for red tea i China you'll get black tea (or more correctly the tea called black tea in the west).
  9. 40 year old tea? Yes thats a thing, pu-erh is a aged tea that can be stored for a long time. Actually it's considered better the older the tea. Most other teas would taste bad after that time though.
  10. Tea is money. There's a lot of expensive teas out there but did you know that tea has been used as a currency too? In fact, tea was used at a kind of currency in Tibet even in the 20th century

on picture, black pu-erh, over 5 years when the picture was taken