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Herbal tea

What is herbal tea? What differs herbal tea and tea? this and more you'll be able to read about in this article

Herbal Tea, also known as Tisane is a part from a herb or fungi in hot or warm water.

It doesn't have to be a herb specifically but any part of a plant or fungi. For example there are many examples of both of roots (like licorice root) or bark (like cinnamon).

Since there is thousands of herbal teas, I can not explain how herbal Tea is made since it can be made in many different ways but the common way is that herbal Tea is made is that the plant or fungi part that is going to be the herbal Tea is dried before use.

Then when you make the herbal Tea you normally use between one teaspoon and one tablespoon of dried herbs and put it in water that is 100 degrees centigrade for 5min (leafs and flowers) to 15min (roots, bark and seeds)

Herbal Tea and health

Herbal teas can be drunk both as a nice beverage just drunk for its taste (like rooibos) or for its medicinal properties.

Herbals teas have been used as a medicine for thousands of years and many have been shown in research to actually work other have been shown to have health improving properties.

Because of the medicinal properties of many herbal teas you should be careful not to over consume herbal teas. The rule of thumb is that you should not drink the same Tea for more than three weeks in a row, and then not more than three cups a day with that herbal Tea.

There is some herbal teas that you can drink for longer periods, for example rooibos. Herbal teas that aren't medicinal can be drunk for longer periods or if you have herbal medicin as a prescription.

Some herbal teas can effect conventional medicine (like St John's wort) so if you drink a herbal Tea often and you are getting a new medicine, check with your doctor that it is ok that you drink that herbal Tea.

Many think that all herbal teas are caffeine free, but that is not totally true. Some herbal teas have caffeine (like Yerba mate), so if you are trying to avoid caffeine, please control if the herbal Tea you are drinking is caffeine free.

Personally I prefer Tea over herbal teas, but a nice herbal Tea can sometimes be just what I need.

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