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Favorite tea brewing recipes

2017-04-10 09:53 #0 by: Niklas

Share your favorite ways of brewing tea.

I'm pretty unadvanced. I pour the water in a mug just before it boils. I always drink 4 o'clock Rooibos Chai with a tea spoon of organic honey in it. :-)

2017-04-10 09:57 #1 by: Tealover

I thought that you meant recepes with tea (tea in cooking and baking) Laughing

Oh that depends on the tea, I like my simplified gong fu cha or drinking in a tea bowl is two of my favorites

(my favorite tea recipe for cooking is tea smoked rabbit legs)

2017-04-10 10:05 #2 by: Niklas

I clarified the topic. Thanks for pointing it out!

2017-04-24 05:11 #3 by: Teasenz

So many ways to make it. The best would indeed be gaiwan or gongfu teapot, but general glass or mug brewing can also work. The most important to control would be the temperature. Something like:

  • Pu erh/oolong/white(aged): 100C
  • Black: 90-95C
  • White: 80C
  • Green: 80-90C

These are good temperatures to start with, but you might adjust depending on individual characteristics of the tea. It's all about finding the right balance of 'taste/aroma'.

I also sometimes see general guides on the brewing temperature, but in my opinion it too much depends the tea tools used, and the 'water to tea leaves' ratio. Individual taste matters to. Given such complexity, in my opinion it just doesn't make sense to generalise brewing times. My basic advise would be to start with shorter times, and increase if required. Under-steeping is always better than over-steeping.


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