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What's your favourite tea poem?

2017-04-24 05:16 #0 by: Teasenz

Tea used be just a practical medicinal drink. Not appreciated for its taste, but for what it could mean for your health. This changed during the Tang Dynasty, which was a pretty peaceful period in Chinese history.

Emperors didn't have to practice the 'Art of War' so much, but instead practice the 'Art of Tea'. Tea culture flourished and became an entertaining beverage also for the commoners.

It was also a time for famous poets to rise, who were inspired by the beauty of landscapes and the aroma of tea. Most Chinese, and some foreigners will know famous poets like Du Fu and Li Bai, but recently I discovered a truly beautiful poem by Yang Guanqing, while researching Liu Bao Cha. See below!

What's your favourite tea poem or tea saying? Feel free to share!

Tea from Liu Bao (Poem)
2017-04-25 15:54 #1 by: Tealover

Not quite a poem but I like this one of Sen o Rikyu

If you have one pot
And can make your tea in it
That will do quite well.
How does he lack himself
who must have a lot of things.

If you have no pot
Take a saucepan and in that
Boil your hot water.
Even so your tea may be
Quite the best in all Japan

Though I tell you this
Do not go and hide away
Things you now possess.
T pretend you have them not
is affected elegance.

He who hesitates
Saying that he has no flowers
Let hom go and see
The string herbage that mid snow
show upon the moutain side.

I make some poems myself about tea but not so much (when I was youger I wrote several poems a day), and not so good and there mostly in swedish


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