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Have you made any tea icecream yet?

2017-07-27 06:47 #0 by: Tealover

This summer has so far been quite cold so I havn't had any need for tea icecream yet or any ice cream.

But the summer heat has come now so I'm thinking of making som tea icecream.

Have you alreade made some or is it still not ice cream weather at your place?

on pic, matcha ice cream I made a few years ago

2017-07-27 12:45 #1 by: Tealover

Now theres three trial iced lollie is in the freezer.

One assam with rose pedals and sweetened with honey
The second with red rooibos, blueberries and sweetened with brown sugar
and last but I think it will be best, gyokuro sweetened with white sugar

2017-07-30 16:14 #2 by: Tealover

Heres a pic on the iced lollies

2017-08-08 13:28 #3 by: =^_^=

Do you have a recipe? I'd love to try it!

2017-08-08 17:14 #4 by: Tealover

#3 It's quite simpe, make tea but use the dubble amount of tea and sweeten it a little more than usual (I used about a teaspoon of sugar/honey per ice lollie thats 3/4 of tea, but than I normally don't sweeten my tea, if you do that you might want some more). Let it cool.

If you want to give it a little extra add something for extra taste and visual effekt (like the tealeafs, rosepedals and blueberries i the ones in the picture), add that befióre the tea in the ice lollie mould. Freeze.

It's that simple, you can try the combination I tried (see #1) or try your own favorites

2017-08-11 20:49 #5 by: =^_^=

#4 Thanks! But what about the ice cream on the first picture? It almost looks like normal ice cream. I'm guessing it's something more in it?

2017-08-11 21:27 #6 by: Tealover

#5 It's matcha ice cream made easy

you buy vanilla icecream, let it go a little soft, add matcha and stir it in then freeze it again. You can leave som icecream as just vanilla, they fit togheter nice, and oat cookies is nice to matcha ice cream too.

Sure you can make matcha icecream from scratch but I'm lazy (or smart, whatever you chose Winking)