Tea and health

Caffeine reduces the risk of dying prematurely

2017-09-15 20:47 #0 by: Tealover

Caffeine reduces the risk of women with diabetes dying prematurely by 51% for those who drank 100mg caffeine / day (1-3 cups tea per 2dl depending on the type of tea) and 66% for those who drank 200mg caffeine / day In the case of men, caffeine did not have the same effect



If there is caffeine you are looking for when drinking your tea then matcha is your best choice. There you get most caffeine as you drink the whole leaf (on picture, matcha midori)

2017-09-16 06:47 #1 by: Niklas

Interesting. Do you know if there is much more caffeine in coffee than in tea?

2017-09-16 07:20 #2 by: Tealover

#1 generally yes but both in tea and coffee it differs depending on growth period, place of origin, type of tea/coffee etc. 

But generally (if you're not counting Matcha) coffee has 2-3 time more caffeine than tea

2017-09-16 10:45 #3 by: Niklas

Aha, okay.

2017-09-16 19:26 #4 by: vendelay

Does this only apply to women with diabetes? I never drink any caffeine...

2017-09-16 20:21 #5 by: Tealover

#4 When it comes to this syudy yes but other studies show similar things (reduced risk of premetur death by drinking tea).

So you never drink tea at all? All tea contains caffeine.

If you don't drink tea but herbal teas and are a women theres a study that shows that drinking chamomille tea lowers the risk of premeture deatch in women. But thats before tea savvitys time som I only have a swedish link

2017-09-17 17:03 #6 by: vendelay

I don't drink anything that's hot. Well, actually... I only drink still water and some juices... Haha. I'm really picky about what I drink Sad