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Most healthy herbal tea? For Rats

2017-09-28 13:15 #0 by: Zickan

Writing from a pet rat perspective. We rat owners have given tea to help rats when having a cold. We need to stay away from coffein/tein. Most common used red teas with added honey and/or garlec Im thinking of writing article for ratpeople on just tea. Migh i get some information backup? What tea without tein really are the best when talking about boosting imunsystem and rich in antioxident? Is red tea the winner or do some other hearbal tea take the lead?. Some rat people also use other herbal teas and rasberryleaf tea. But about rasberryleaf tea are some warnings you need to consider. Is those warnings true? What good tea migh you recommend to use when having a cold? How do you make that tea to gett best out of it. How long and how hot watter? Could you add something in the tea to boost it more to get more tasty or/and healthier? How do you ad honey the right way in tea? Heard so many ways. So really what are the best way?

2017-09-28 13:18 #1 by: Zickan

Forgott to ask. How long can a glasbottle of tea hang in a room befor it looses the best effect?
Might it hang on a rat cage for 1-3 houers? Or perhaps untill next day?

2017-09-28 13:43 #2 by: Tealover

First of all you have to look for herbal teas /tisanes not teas. Becouse all teas have Caffeine in them. You should avoid Yerba mate too since it also have caffeine in it.

The problem with herbal teas is that many herbal teas have so strong medicine effect that it should only be consumed when needed and never more than 3 weeks in a row.

Rooibos ("red tea") is one of the few herbal teas that I know of that can be consumed longer, if you are going for rooibos with the most antioxidants go for green rooibos.

Perhaps you can use Chamomille too but it should not be consumed too long, but it's a good herbal tea for when you have a cold.

I don't know what warnings you are talking about when it comes to raspberry leafs but it is a medicinal herb and should not be overconsumed.

When it comes to herbal teas 5 minutes in 100 degrees centigrade is the normal time and temperature but som have too steep longer or even boil. It depends on the plant and which part of the plats thats used.

How to make it healthier depends on what you want, you can for example mix different herbs depending on what effect you want.

When it comes to normal store bought honey you can add it when the herbal tea is hot since it have already been heated so the good bacteria etc is already gone.

If you have raw honey don't go over 40 degrees centigrade.

If it's just herbal yea you can leave it over night, If it's honey in it it might not be the best thing to leave it for so long since the honey is food for bacteria etc. Exactly how long I don't know

2017-09-28 13:44 #3 by: Tealover

I changed the headline so it will be easyer to get better help

2017-09-30 18:43 #4 by: Granja Del Toro

I drink green tea every day, green tea as in herbal tea. I do it to stay healthy and i drink 1-3 cups a day, mostly 1-2 cups. And frankly i rather drink herbal tea daily rather than having to take  flue shots, or antibiotica.  With drinking herbal tea i stay healthy and I have less issues with infections, flues and viruses....

2017-09-30 19:31 #5 by: vendelay

#4 This thread is about rats Laughing

2017-10-01 15:05 #6 by: Granja Del Toro

#5 Oh yeah, i realized that later hahaha Laughing out loud


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