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Do you wash your tea before drinking?

2017-10-12 07:45 #0 by: Tealover

Do you wash your tea before drinking?

Washing tea means that you pour hot/warm water over the tea leafs and discard the water directly.

It's not needed for all teas but oolongs and pu-erhs especially benefits from it.

2017-10-12 07:46 #1 by: Tealover

I almost always wast pu-erh and oolong tea, sometimes green teas and basocally never white and yellow teas

2017-10-12 11:10 #2 by: Niklas

I have never done it. But I also haven’t tasted pu-erh or oolong tea.

What’s the purpose of washing tea?

2017-10-13 05:31 #3 by: Tealover

#2 two reasons, one is just washing it, pu-erh is a stored tea so it can get a little, alomst dusty after 3-10 years.

Second is to wake the tea leafs som that they easyer can release their aroma.

2017-10-13 08:35 #4 by: Niklas

Aha, I haven’t had tea that last for as long as three years. :-)

2017-10-13 11:29 #5 by: Tealover

#4 Well normally you should drinkt it before 1 year, some even shorter but pu-erh is different and is ment to be stored and aged. 

Actually the older the better when it comes to pu-erh. Like good wines


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