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Geranium Tea

2018-07-27 03:12 #0 by: jadekintz

Geranium tea is great for relieving anxiety and has a soothing effect. It is also very easy to make. You can make it from dried or fresh leaves. If using dried leaves, use 2 teaspoons, if using fresh use 1/4 cup. Pour 1 cup boiling water over leaves and let sit for 5 mins and strain. 

I like to add honey to my geranium tea as wellLaughing

2018-07-27 14:35 #1 by: Tealover

I didn't know it was edible, if the translation is correct. And to be honest, I'll wait to try it until I read about it in swedish floral books since I can't trust google translate (unless you have the latin floral name #0?)

2018-07-27 17:11 #2 by: jadekintz

#1 Yes the pelargonium graveolens, or sweet scented geranium is safe to ingest. 

2018-07-28 16:33 #3 by: Tealover

#2 Ok I thought you meant the plant family Geranium, they are, if I remember correctly not etible

2018-07-28 21:38 #4 by: Evelina

Is it floral tasting? Sounds interesting 😊


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