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Sorry for my absence

2019-07-24 15:37 #0 by: Tealover

I have not been here at savvity for a while. Partly because my computer is still Broken and I dont feel that my English is good enough for my phone. Also I havnt been well lately.

But I want to get back so for now you will have to endure my bad spelling

2019-07-26 07:45 #1 by: Evelina

Happy to hear that you are back!

2019-07-27 03:11 #2 by: Emo

Bad spelling must be accepted here at Savvity. If we always have to check everything manually or have to use two computers to have the automatic spellchecking on that one we use here, I suppose we would hesitate to write.

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

2019-09-05 03:52 #3 by: Tammie

Glad that you are back. I hope you are feeling better. Glad

Happy creating!


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