Green tea

What to do with not so good matcha tea?

2019-09-10 08:24 #0 by: Evelina

I bought some matcha tea awhile back but it really isn't good compared to the one I got from a friend who brought it from her trip in Thailand. 

Do you think I should do just toss it? Or can you think of a recipe for the matcha that might turn out alright? 

The main difference between the two is that the one I don't like isn't as bright of a green and its a bit more gritty. 

2019-09-10 08:35 #1 by: Tealover

You can use it in cooking and baking

2019-09-10 13:10 #2 by: jordan

Maybe you could put it in a smoothie or something? It might take away some of the grittiness and you can mix it with other tastes so that it isn't as noticeable?


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