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Tea smoked tofu

2017-07-14 09:27 #0 by: Tealover

Tea smoked tofu is a perfect dish for special occasions. You can make in beforehand and freeze it so that you can concentrate on your other dishes. For me it's a must have at christmas dinner. You can also have as a main dish with rice and veggies. Or if you don't like tofu you can use chicken breast, schrimp or other foods. I like so experiment so if you try something other feel free to write below about your experiment.

Tea smoking can be made in a normal kitchen. You only need a big pan or wok with a lid, aluminium foil and a metal strainer, metal steamer or something like that.


2-3 firm blocks of tofu

1½ teaspoon of sichuanpeppar

1½ tablespoon of seasalt

2 star anise

1 cinnamon pole in pieces

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

smoking mix

100grams of white rice, 100grams of white sugar and 2 tablespoons of black tea (or tea of your choice, I sometimes use oolong)

The cooking

Put the spices (exept the soy sauce) and the salt in a dry pan or wok and roast on medium heat while stirring until the salt is light brown and the spices smells.

take away the anise and cinnamon and mortar the salt.

Rub the tofu with the spices and let it rest in the fridge over night (seal it well, the smell of the spices sticks to other foods.

The day after you rub the tofu with soy sauce and put 2 or more layers with aluminium foil in the bottum of a pan or wok. The foil should be 2 or more centimeters upp the side of teh pan or wok. This is so that the sugar wont burn into the pan or wok.

Add the rice, sugar and tea in the bottom and shake it a little.

Put on the metal strainer or steamer and put the tofu on that. Make sure that the smoking mix is not touching the tofu!

Put on the lid and put it on a hight heat. When smoke starts to come out put it on medium and let it smoke on medium for 15 minutes.

Shut of the heat and let it sit for another 15 minutes.

Serve as a part of a buffet or as a main dish with rice and veggies. 


2017-07-14 16:32 #1 by: Evelina

Im really interested in the flavour of this! I'll have to try to make it soon.  Glad


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