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Looking for affordable containers for tea

2020-04-28 10:08 #0 by: Evelina

I have so much loose leaf tea. I have collected some metal containers from second hand stores. But they are all different sizes and shapes. It makes it difficult to organise my cupboard.

What do you use to store your tea in? I always see tea shops selling metal jars. Are they better than glass containers?

2020-04-28 11:12 #1 by: Niklas

I think that if the glass containers are air-tight, they probably keep the tea longer than metal ones that are not. If you have a lot of different teas, but fairly small quantities, perhaps you could put each in a plastic bag that you squeeze the air out of and seal. Then you can put all the plastic bags in a larger air-tight non-transparent container.

2020-05-24 20:41 #2 by: =^_^=

I think metal jars are better because it keeps the light out. But glass jars should work fine if you keep it in a dark place.


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